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Bedtime Story Generator for Moms and Dads in a Hurry

Published on April 6, 2023 by StoryPear Team

Hello moms and dads! For our kids, nothing could replace telling them our own amazing stories, or reading them a book as they try to fall asleep. But for those times that you're absolutely exhausted or find that you have a temporary shortage of stories, StoryPear's got your back!

StoryPear is an AI-powered audio story generator that lets you unlock hundreds of new stories in just a few clicks. The stories are generated by GPT-3 and narrated by Microsoft Azure's natural-style speech synthesis. Combined with some beautiful background music, the resulting audio stories are perfect for bedtime.

Explore hundreds of possible narratives that you can enjoy with your little loved ones tonight.

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StoryPear aims to inspire the next generation of storytellers by presenting AI as a creative tool. We seek to make reading and writing stories enjoyable and engaging for children by making the process of idea generation a more fun and interactive experience. Learn More

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