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AI for Kids

Published on April 6, 2023 by StoryPear Team

StoryPear Create! is an audio story generator that utilizes the power of AI to create engaging storytelling resources for children and teachers. By combining the best AI technologies available today, we are helping children understand what AI is and what they can achieve with it.

The way StoryPear Create! works is similar to many story generators found online. You select a setting, choose a couple of characters, and generate a story. The stories themselves are short enough (~2 mins) to include interesting ideas, but leave plenty of room for children to imagine and create their own stories.

StoryPear Create! uses OpenAI's GPT-3 to generate stories, and based on the hundreds of test stories we've generated, we've concluded that it produces stories that are generally suitable for children. We've also added filters to guide the theme and help ensure that the stories are appropriate. However, since we have no control over the AI other than the input and filters we include in the prompt (i.e. the request to generate a story), it is up to the discretion of parents and teachers to decide if the story generated by StoryPear is appropriate or not. Any content found on this website is subject to our Terms of Service and Disclaimer.

As we gather more information and feedback on how our platform is used both at home and in the classroom, you can expect to see more story sets and improvements to the website. We strive to make StoryPear a place where children can learn how to use AI responsibly, so that they can wield it as a tool as they grow up in a world driven by technology.

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StoryPear aims to inspire the next generation of storytellers by presenting AI as a creative tool. We seek to make reading and writing stories enjoyable and engaging for children by making the process of idea generation a more fun and interactive experience. Learn More

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