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press release
Introducing StoryPear Create!

Published on April 8, 2023 by StoryPear Team

StoryPear Create! is an AI-powered audio story generator that lets you generate unique and exciting stories in just a few clicks. Choose a setting, choose characters, and let the power of AI take your imagination on a new adventure.

StoryPear uses the best AI technologies available today to generate beautifully narrated, child-friendly audio stories. Our goal is to create a platform that can kindle children's creativity and help them learn to love reading and inspire them to write their own. We want to show kids how they can use AI to create whatever they can imagine.

Today we are launching StoryPear Create! with three story sets—each with a different setting and characters—all free for everyone. Learn about the importance of friendship and kindness with your favorite forest animals in "The Little Forest." Listen to stories of bravery and adventure with the orca, dolphin, and other sea creatures in "Ocean of Wonders." Laugh your heart out with the hilarious stories in "Spooky!" featuring vampires, mummies, monsters, and more! New story sets will be released in the coming weeks.

Are you ready to go on an adventure? Let's begin!

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StoryPear aims to inspire the next generation of storytellers by presenting AI as a creative tool. We seek to make reading and writing stories enjoyable and engaging for children by making the process of idea generation a more fun and interactive experience. Learn More

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