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Storytelling Resources for the Classroom

Published on April 6, 2023 by StoryPear Team

At StoryPear, we are constantly experimenting with new technology and how it can be used in the classroom. As the world enters the age of AI, we want to help teachers stay at the forefront of this technology so that they can use it as a tool for teaching.

With more than a thousand possible narratives (and growing), StoryPear is a great resource for teachers. If you're a teacher looking for new ways to incorporate technology into classroom activities, or simply need new storytelling material, StoryPear is for you.

StoryPear v1 allows you to generate an audio story by simply choosing a set and a couple of characters. The whole interface is beautifully illustrated, making it perfect for classroom use. You can play the audio story for the class, or ask students to generate story ideas for their own story using StoryPear.

If you're a teacher, we encourage you to explore what's possible with AI and how it can be used to help kids learn and spark their creativity.

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StoryPear aims to inspire the next generation of storytellers by presenting AI as a creative tool. We seek to make reading and writing stories enjoyable and engaging for children by making the process of idea generation a more fun and interactive experience. Learn More

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